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Management Services

Are you worn out with the stress of trying to deal with your property and building management Illinois or NW Indiana issues all on your own? This is easy to do when you do not have any help. Maybe instead, you are unpleased with your present management company's services. Let us show you how the helpful services of Bogs Management, Inc. can ease your stress with your property ownership! We provide a myriad of services that we will customize to your exact needs.

Help with Leasing - Bogs will lease your vacancy to only qualified tenants. We will conduct rent surveys in your area first to make sure you are charging competitive rates within your market area. Then we use various means of effective advertising including print media as in flyers, ads in various newspapers and publications, and innovative signage on your property. We also provide tenant incentives.

Our company keeps track of all phone calls from prospective tenants and follows up with these callers. We hand out applications at all the showings for any who exhibit an interest in renting. Prospective tenants can also call our office to obtain applications. Since we make the applications so readily available, this does increase the number of interested applicants for your property.

After Bogs receives an application, we go to work on credit and criminal background checks to make sure the person will be a reliable tenant. Once the tenant receives approval, he or she signs a lease that has been carefully drawn up to protect your interest and it also complies with any local or state regulations. We want to provide you with the safest possible tenants to make sure you are not constantly having vacancies.

Property and Building Maintenance - A management company that does not provide maintenance does not provide you with a full array of services. Bogs Management, Inc. employs the skills of experienced maintenance workers and contractors to provide you with your needs for quality property and building maintenance in the timeliest manner possible for reasonable prices.

Collection of Security Deposits and Rents - Bogs Management, Inc. makes sure that all necessary security deposits are collected before the tenants are allowed to move into your property. This safeguards your interest in case of damages. We also diligently collect rent payments.

These payments are due the first of every month that the lease covers. A payment is late if not made by the fifth of each month. We add late fees whenever they are justified and we understand all the measures to take when there is a failure to pay the rent. This could even include legal action such as eviction.

Computerized Accounting Services - Bogs provides you with its computerized accounting services that will help keep track of all the data needed to figure your expenses and income for tax purposes. All rents are reliably recorded and that all expenses are paid on time.

Monthly Management Reports - We deliver monthly management reports to you at each month's end. These reports inform you of present rent information, leasing activities or issues, cash flow and general ledger. We either deliver all money to you with these reports or deposit the money in your bank account for you. The choice is up to you. Bogs Management, Inc. customizes our services to fit your exact needs.

These are just some of the services with offer you. Check with us today to see how we can help you with your property and building management Illinois or northwest Indiana needs.